the gathering:
Let Us Speak Together

Either Late September or Early October 2012
12 noon to 10 PM


Some answers to questions that have been asked about the Gathering:

  1. Where is the parking at Douglass Campus Center?
    To enter the Douglass Campus Center parking lot AND the parking garage (side by side and both free), turn from George Street onto Nichol Ave, and then from Nichol onto Lipman Drive. There are 2 Lipman Drives off Nichols, but it is horseshoe shaped, about a mile long, and all one-way. The ENTRANCE is a block from George St., and within the first block after turning onto Lipman, you will see the parking on the left. There will be Square Dancing street signs with balloons out at strategic locations.
  2. Is there construction around there again?
    There is always construction in New Brunswick, but most of it is down near the center of town now. So if your map or GPS takes you through downtown on George St., we suggest you re-route yourself onto Rte 18. Print the directions below just in case, or go here
  3. What will we be doing?
    See the afternoon schedule. Registration starts at noon; we suggest you plan to come early (doors open at 11:30) and browse through the Resource Tables for handouts and things of interestóand avoid the crowd. There are a lot of things to do at the Registration area, and you donít want to miss any of them.
  4. Can I hear more than one speaker?
    After John's Keynote Address, the 4 speakers are ALL repeating their 30-minute presentations in each of the 4 rooms. So you will be assigned a room from 2-5 (with breaks), and they will come to you. That way you will get to enter into dialogue on each topic, rather than in a huge room where questions and answers get lost.
  5. Can I still get on the Dinner list?
    If you don't have your dinner stickets yet, Friday Oct 1 is the very last day you can reserve spaces. Please email Rusty Ball to get yourself on the list if you have not already done so, or if you donít know if you are on it.
  6. Will there be more than 1 caller or cuer for the evening dance?
    While all 5 speakers are square dance leaders, 3 are callers, and one a cuer, only John will be calling the evening dance. Heíll be joined by Mary Pickett on rounds.
  7. Can I get a discount for the evening dance if I can't come for the afternoon?
    The evening dance is the reward for spending the afternoon learning how to help our favorite hobby Evolve! So, while you can get into the dance without attending the afternoon sessions, you pay full price. AND you donít get the perks that go along with participating, like the tote bag and other gifts--those are only available until the sessions start at 2pm!