the gathering:
Let Us Speak Together

Either Late September or Early October 2012
12 noon to 10 PM

2007 handouts

The following session handouts are available for downloading:

Session: 1: RPM — Recruit, Promote (Maintain)
Brand Management 4
Brand Management HO4 2 page

Session: 2: How to be an Angel (Instead of a Devil)
Working Together to Have a Good Square Dance Class

Session: 3: Callers and Halls — What should I be able to expect?
Contract (04-09-03)
BMI ASCAP Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

Session: 4: Club Officers/Roles — or … I Just Wanna Dance…
Club Officer Roles

Session: 5: Leveraging The Computer For Your Club
Leveraging the Computer for Club

Session: 6: Why Join a Club or Be a Caller/Cuer--What’s in it for me?
Why Be a Member
Why Do I Cue

Session: 7: Organizing Special Club Activities and Fundraising
Dinner Dance

Session: 8: Keeping The Fun In Square Dancing
Helpful hints from Cory
Helpful Hints from Michelle
Youth square dancing-Wikipedia

Session: 10: Concern about Privacy and Confidentiality in Square Dancing

Session: 11: RPM — (Recruit, Promote) Maintain
President To Do List

Session: 12: Advertising Tools
Information Needed in Ads

Session: 13: Square Dancing On The Road
SD on the Road
Sources for info Away

Session: 14: Club Business Tools
CALLERLAB Plus List (06-09-20)
BMI ASCAP Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

Session: 15: Square Dancing and the Internet
Square Dancing and the Internet